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“We are now recording.....”

This is one of my earliest memories; the sound of my Grandad's voice on a portable tape machine, when I was about 6. I was given this strange mechanical device as a means of keeping me occupied and I was fascinated by the fact that you could effectively make the intangible tangible, by capturing sound onto tape. I spent many happy hours recording myself, making up silly stories and songs.

Not much has changed, really!

I also spent a lot of time listening to the radio and loved the fact that my imagination had to fill in the visual gaps; it's one of the reasons why I enjoy classical and instrumental music so much; sometimes, words get in the way.

After listening to "KOSMOS", by ISAO TOMITA, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life; these synthesizer thingies were pretty cool and I just had to get involved. At that point I didn't have the skills to realise my ideas; fortunately, a year later at the age of 9, I was invited to begin piano lessons and having a notorious reputation of being a complete disaster at sport, I decided I had nothing to lose...

Needless to say, I took to the piano like a duck to water. I finally found my niche and I loved it. During that time I discovered the music of VANGELIS, JEAN-MICHEL JARRE and TANGERINE DREAM. After a while, the creative spark was released and I started writing my own music and eventually had the means to record it. I spent my formative years engaged in obsessively practising scales, arpeggios and my piano exam pieces, playing in bands, doing studio sessions and writing and arranging music for theatre. Not always in that order.

In 2008, I got signed to a label and released two albums with them. By all accounts they were selling well, but I never saw a single penny in royalties and so I decided to look for a better deal elsewhere. (It can be something of a minefield out there at times for us creative types). Nevertheless, I was fortunate to be signed to Medwyn Goodall's label in 2010 and then decided to become an independent musician in 2018.

So, there we have it; not quite in a nutshell, but pretty close. It's been quite an interesting journey over the last 30 years or so and I've only really skimmed the surface of it here. A lot of interesting people and experiences have crossed my path, combined with a generous dose of poignant moments and life lessons.

And as I type this, the most recent lesson that I've learned is that the sound of my neighbour's trio of cockerels is not conducive to a productive afternoon...