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Midwinter is here!

Here is a brand new album, just in time for the festive season! Influenced by traditional folk, Celtic and Mediaeval music and using mainly acoustic instruments, Midwinter features ten carefully crafted tracks which conjure up images of this evocative time of year, from frozen landscapes to warm cottage firelight.

Now available to download on Amazon and iTunes, as well as on CD from MG Music.


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Vision Quest

This album, as the name implies, is inspired by Native American culture. The album features five tracks, totalling just over 50 minutes, and combines authentic Native American chants, vocals, flutes and drumming with contemporary instruments and natural sounds. The tone of the album is uplifting and relaxing, meditative, spiritual and grounding - music to take you on a journey.

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Vision Quest was featured on The Album Show at One World Music radio - to listen to the interview on Mixcloud, click here!


 Tibetan Spirit

Tibetan Spirit

My third release for MG Music, entitled 'Tibetan Spirit'. You can listen to clips, purchase the CD, or download the MP3 version from the Medwyn Goodall Music website.