Welcome to the official site of the New Age/Contemporary Instrumental musician and composer, Jon Richards.


I'm very pleased to announce the release of my brand new studio album, 'Earthlight', which is available now from the MG Music website. Here are three trailers to whet your appetite:







Over the past few months, I recorded three interviews with One World Music, talking extensively about my last three album releases. During the course of each interview, I explain the origins of the ideas and inspiration behind each album and play every track in its entirety. Click on your show of choice below and enjoy!



The Album Show feat Jon Richards and Midwinter by One World Music on Mixcloud



The Album Show feat Jon Richards Vision Quest by One World Music on Mixcloud



The Album Show feat Jon Richards Tibetan Spirit by One World Music on Mixcloud



Midwinter is here!

Here is a brand new album, just in time for the festive season! Influenced by traditional folk, Celtic and Mediaeval music and using mainly acoustic instruments, Midwinter features ten carefully crafted tracks which conjure up images of this evocative time of year, from frozen landscapes to warm cottage firelight.

Now available to download on Amazon and iTunes, as well as on CD from MG Music.


Midwinter small


Click on the picture to visit the Midwinter page on MG Music!

Visit the Music page to listen to some audio clips!




Vision Quest

This album, as the name implies, is inspired by Native American culture. The album features five tracks, totalling just over 50 minutes, and combines authentic Native American chants, vocals, flutes and drumming with contemporary instruments and natural sounds. The tone of the album is uplifting and relaxing, meditative, spiritual and grounding - music to take you on a journey.

visionquestcoverClick on the picture to go to the store.


Vision Quest was featured on The Album Show at One World Music radio - to listen to the interview on Mixcloud, click here!


 Tibetan Spirit

Tibetan Spirit

My third release for MG Music, entitled 'Tibetan Spirit'. You can listen to clips, purchase the CD, or download the MP3 version from the Medwyn Goodall Music website.  




Discussions are underway between myself and composer and recording artist, Bekki Williams, about a collaboration which will ultimately result in an album release. This may take some time to manifest, due to our busy schedules, but we are adamant that it will happen! We're very excited about the prospect of working together and promise to deliver something very special.


Future Projects:

Or, “all new exciting things!”

There's a lot of stuff lined up and as the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day".....

For starters, there are three old projects that will be given a new lease of life - two had been previously released with a different label and the other had a start made on it and then was mothballed!

In the meantime, all I can say for definite is that I have been going back into the workshop (studio) again recently and tinkering with some new ideas......

Which leads me nicely onto....



I recently acquired the rights to my first two albums, 'Pangea' and 'Transmigration'. They will both be given a complete re-working (file under 'Future Projects'!) and the transformation will be quite radical. It's most likely that both albums will bear little resemblance to the originals! The re-releases also meant that new album covers had to be designed, so I've enlisted the skills of Catherine Archer-Wills  who has done a fantastic job.